Are you a Left or Right Brain user?

Are you a pre-dominant Left or Right Brain user?

The Left Brain The Right Brain
Converts information from the external environment into language and helps to verbalize the information in your mind and to logically decide how best to present it. Processes information very quickly as images through our five senses and emotion.
Continuously dumps old information to make room for new. Stores every memory
Prefers study notes or written information. Likes a pictorial or diagrammatic format when taking notes during study.
We think in logical ways. We think intuitively.
Is verbal. Is visual.
Is rational. Is non-rational.
Is analytical. Is synthetic
Has numbering skills. Computer-like math calculation abilities.
Is logical and conscious. Is capable of taking in information quickly.
Is capable of scanning book pages.. We’re capable of speed-reading.
Is practical works well under stress. Is emotional. Works well when fully relaxed.
  We are capable of perfect pitch and musical aptitude
  We’re able to acquire multiple languages. .

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