Why Health Insurance?

It is the beginning of yet another new year and everyone is busy making resolutions on the things they want to change or improve in their lives. Safeguarding your health and that of your family should be on top of your priority list since your health status and that of your loved ones determines how much you can perform and achieve. One way of ensuring that your health needs are catered for is by securing a health cover for yourself and your family. No one plans to get hurt or fall sick but the truth is most of us need medical care at some point in our lives. A health cover will thus come in handy in times of medical emergencies by taking care of part of your hospital bills.Image

What is health insurance?

Health insurance or cover is a benefit offered through government agency such as the NHIF, private business such as UAP insurance or non-profit organization. To establish cost, a health cover provider estimates the communal medical expenses of a populace, and then distributes that risk among the group of policy beneficiaries. Basically, insurance providers realize that one person may incur huge unpredicted expenses on medical care while another may incur none. The expense is then spread across a population making healthcare more affordable for the benefit of all.

What to consider when thinking about medical cover?

While taking a medical cover, one should consider a number of factors. For instance some employers including large corporate take health cover for their employees. If you are working for such a company, there is no need to worry about health care expenses. Also there are public health programs such as NHIF which are funded by the government and are run by state which ensures vulnerable groups such as the poor, the old and those with disability can afford health cover. For self-employed people or business persons, taking an individual cover for oneself and family is the deal.

The importance of having a health insurance in your life

First of all a health insurance is an agreement between you and you insurance provider (company).  You will need to buy a plan and then the provider agrees to pay part of the costs you incur during hospital visits when you or your loved one gets hurt or falls sick.

When you have a health cover you or your family member can be treated sooner when sick or have been diagnosed with serious conditions such as cancer and heart problems. This is so because your greatest worry will not be finances but rather accessing fast medical attention.

When a disease is treated early enough, the chances of healing are high and this prevents the health of a person from worsening. It is medically easier to treat and manage a health problem at an early stage than in later phases.

Most health plans will cover a number of preventive services thus allowing you to get screening tests that expose a health problem before the actual signs and symptoms appear. This mostly applies to lifestyle conditions such as Diabetes which can be easily prevented if they are detected early.

Some health conditions such as cerebral palsy requires long time care which can take a toll on a family’s finances, besides adding emotional stress. Having a health cover can greatly relieve the financial burden of health care expenses attached to such conditions. If one is not covered or is under insured, they may experience trouble trying to seek assistance from community groups or charitable organizations, which may jeopardize one’s health.

Before taking a health insurance policy, it is good to understand the cover. For instance age of a person, number of family members to be covered influences the type of cover and definitely affects the amount of premium to be paid to the company. Contrary to what many people believe, a pre-existing health condition should not bar one from taking a health cover.

Ultimately, health cover provides long-term protection and adds to the family’s emotional, physical as well as financial well-being. Taking a cover is therefore not a luxury, but rather a necessity that each person or a family require to have a healthy life. Thus, when thinking about important things for the New Year, consider taking a health cover for you and your family.


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