What Matters Most In 2014?

The New Year is here and no doubt we all have been waiting with lots of anticipation the joys that a new year can bring. This is also the time that most of us are busy making resolutions about what we want to do in the coming year. New Year’s resolutions are a little like babies, they are fun to make but rather difficult to maintain to the end. Whereas a small percentage of people will try to make good use of their resolutions, a bigger percentage will stick to their goals for at most six months and then forget all about them.  Though New Year resolutions are difficult to keep up with, try the following worthy resolutions and make a difference with your health. Image

Cut Weight

Losing weight is one of the most popular resolution and most difficult to commit to. However you can succeed if you put your heart and efforts into it. Do not be desperate or expect an overnight success and above all avoid quickie cures. Visit a nutritionist who will advise on the right methods of losing weight and prepare for you a weight loss regimen that you can easily follow. It is important to have someone with you on a regular basis such as a relative or friend who can get you through when you feel like you are not achieving anything.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Though small amount of alcohol is known to have health benefits, too much of it can cause bigger problems especially binge drinking (consumption of five or more drinks in a row). Drinking alcohol in excess can affect your brain’s neurotransmitters and put you at risk of memory loss, seizures and depression. Chronic drinking increases chances of having heart and liver disease, mental deterioration, stroke, hypertension and cancers of the throat, mouth and breast.

Cut down your stress

A little stress here and there will not harm you and in fact, short bouts of stress will give you an energy boost. However, if stress becomes chronic it can increase the risk of developing depression, obesity, insomnia and heart disease and many more. Poor diet, little sleep, lack of exercise, long working hours coupled with lack of social life can greatly contribute to stress. As much as stress is inevitable in our lives, take time to relax, have enough sleep, socialize and take vacations whenever you can to promote your health.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a very addictive habit and quitting is not easy. Many of ex-smokers can confess their multiple attempts before overcoming the addiction so do not feel like a failure when you try two or three times without success. Begin the process by first pin-pointing the things that trigger you into smoking and figure out ways to stop them for example some smokers enjoy a cigarette after a nice meal. You can avoid this by leaving the table soon after the meal and busy yourself with something that will keep your mind off smoking e.g. taking a walk or wash dishes.

Eat healthy

Eating a balanced diet promotes your overall health and reduces chances of lifestyle related diseases and conditions such as Diabetes. Increase your intake of dietary fiber which is plenty in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Switch from bad ‘fats’ to healthy ‘oils’ e.g.  Sunflower and olive oils. Limit your intake of table sugar and if possible use sweeteners like aspartame instead.

 Exercise regularly

Exercising does not mean that you must enroll in a gym, for most people walking is the safest, cheapest and simplest form of exercise. Exercise your body at least three times a day and once a day if you can. Stationery exercises for abdomen, legs and arms in three sets of 8-12 repetitions done at least once a week are good for you. So this year, exercise often and improve your overall fitness.

Stay in touch

This year try to spend more time with your family and friends and make a difference in your life. Strong social ties increase longevity, reduces stress thus promoting our overall health. Lack of social can damage one’s health as much as smoking and alcohol. So ditch face book for a while and visit your loved ones in person.


A change of scenery is good for the body and soul and the effects leave us revitalized. So as you make resolutions for the New Year, plan a vacation and break the monotony of your normal daily routine. It is adventurous and rejuvenating, and gives you a new lease of life.

Check on you sleeping habits

Sleep and good rest are vital for health wellness. Try and establish a regular routine for sleeping to avoid exhaustion which can lead to problems like insomnia.

 See your doctor

Last but not least, resolve to visit your doctor for annual physical tests to evaluate your overall health. This will help identify any underlying diseases such as Diabetes hence seek treatment early. If the tests are negative, then you can live free knowing you have a clean bill of health.


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