Ndakaini Tree Planting – 21st April 2012

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Hardly plausible is the fact that Kenya is actually considered a water-scarce nation. Precisely for this reason did the UAP Insurance fraternity gear up on a cold and wet Saturday morning, steeled on the annual mission of planting trees at the Ndakaini Dam Area. As early as 6:30am on the 21st of April 2012, a surmountable number of people had gathered at Bishop Gardens Towers in Upper Hill, the UAP Insurance head office in Kenya, slowly trickling into the building to get their UAP branded T-shirts. The children jumped around excitedly, oblivious of the rain and the cold weather, donning their mini sized UAP T-shirts and tightly clinging to their bag of snacks!!

After a brief chitter-chatter session among colleagues, the buses began the exhilarating journey at approximately 8am, smoothly transiting from the ever busy Nairobi County, snaking along the newly constructed Thika Road superhighway, down through the coffee farms to a serene, plush green landscape with coffee farms extending vast areas.

The tree planting charge was timely and well executed as everyone had a chance to exhibit their patriotism to their country by planting, in the very least, one tree. All team members jointly participated as we helped each other up and down the hill. It was an amazing three-fold opportunity, enabling team members to fulfill their responsibility to their community, to each other and to God.

Shortly thereafter, speeches were made and the parties who made the tree planting session a success were recognized and appreciated. Most were famished by the time the speeches were over. We proceeded to a nearby hotel where plenty of food was served; chicken, pilau, ugali, chicken, fresh farm vegetables, beef, did I say chicken? Oh yeah, lots of chicken. (You can close your mouth now!!!)

In a nutshell, the tree planting experience was amazing in every sense of the word. It was timely too, as the long rains are now with us so we are expecting a high survival rate of the tree seedlings which will ensure they serve their purpose in the water catchment area; raising the water levels of the dam and hopefully solving the water and food scarcity problem that has been quite eminent in the recent past.

For those who missed the tree planting excursion, no worries. The annual Ndakaini marathon is fast approaching. Mark your calendars people;

We’re in for another awesome experience!!!